Six-Word December

So have you heard of Six-Word Memoirs?

Six-Word Memoirs was born at Smith Magazine, an online storytelling publication. Taking their inspiration from a six word story by Ernest Hemingway (“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”), the magazine asked readers to come up with six word autobiographies. From this idea came a book:

Here are some of my favorite examples:

“I still make coffee for two.”

“Facebook has ruined my entire life.”

“Sperm too potent, now have triplets.”

“Nothing profound, I just sat around.”

“Naively expected logical world. Acted foolishly.”

“I can’t keep my own secrets.” [This one’s probably me.]

I was thinking, what would be a good six word description of the holiday season, or December, let’s say?

I came up with a couple (not wonderful; y’all can do better):

Rehearsals, shopping, stockings, wrapping, then peace.

Mommy, is Santa real? Um, uh…

Tall white candles illuminating stained glass.

Okay, your turn! Tell me your six-word December.


2 responses to “Six-Word December

  1. The snow makes everything seem okay.
    No matter what, there’s always family.
    (And piggybacking off that one) I’d rather be eating Chinese alone.
    Wham! again? I think I’ll puke. 🙂
    Broken cookies have no calories, right?

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