New Year’s Resolution

Writing gurus tell you that to be a writer, you must read. A lot.

Okay, I read a ton. I read every night, think about reading all the time, can’t wait to talk about books. I savor the words and repeat beautiful phrases out loud and mentally edit other people’s books way too much.

But, here’s the thing…

Apparently you’re supposed to read a lot in your genre. And not just read about how to write them.

Technically, I knew that.

But as I look back on my list of books I read in 2011, only about 10% were Young Adult.  That’s not enough! How can I try to publish a YA book if I haven’t read that many of them? What if I’m way off on the kinds of YA that are out there?

So I already made a good start. I’m listening to a Sarah Dessen audiobook, and checked out three YA books from the library.

So if I read a little over 100 books altogether in 2011, how’s this for a goal?

I, Lisa Rosenman, will read 50 or more Young Adult books this year. And you can hold me accountable for that.


5 responses to “New Year’s Resolution

  1. Have you read The Space Between Trees by my friend Katie Williams? It’s wonderful stuff. Check it out. And yes, reading memoirs helped me so much. Go forth, YA reader and writer!

  2. I read a fair amount of YA Lisa and I feel like what I have read of your work is on the right track. Ed, have you read The Young Wizard’s Series? Great YA series. Or there is the Sweep series, too many books to count. Sweep is about Wicca though so I would avoid it if you are majorly against alternative religions.

  3. Susie, I’ll take a look, thanks! Ian, thanks… I hope it is.
    I know, I should’ve been devouring them all along. I guess I’m addicted to adult books. But there’s no reason to give up those… oh no! I might have to read MORE!

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