Liebster Award

I’ve received my first blogging award! It’s called the Liebster Award, and it’s for small blogs like mine with fewer than 200 followers (and let’s not talk about how very much under 200 followers I have!)

I received this award from ED Martin, my online writing buddy on Scribophile. She’s published a bunch of short stories and is writing novels too. Check her out: she blogs about writing at

I’m passing this award on to:

Susie Meserve, a friend from high school, who blogs about her writing and her life at She’s a published poet, working on a memoir. Check her out!

Julie Zeager, a friend from Ohio, who blogs about knitting and her summer adventures at

(This is supposed to be a list of five small blogs I follow, but I’m so new at all this, so forgive me for only having two!)

SO, I’m supposed to tell two things (should be five…) about myself that people may not know.


I play handbells in my church choir. I’m A-flat, A, B-flat, and B above middle C. It’s a hard part to read, since it’s right in the middle of the treble clef. It’s challenging: tempo changes, key signature changes, meter changes, triplets, sixteenth notes…. So much fun, though. It really keeps me on my toes. And I’m not one of the best in the group at all, and I like the challenge.


And I really like the Disney TV show Phineas and Ferb. I realize that my children are the target audience, but I really enjoy it too. Phineas and Ferb create amazing inventions, and their sister Candace is always trying to bust them. And then there’s their pet platypus Perry, who turns into Special Agent P, and then there’s evil scientist Dr. Doofenshmirtz, trying to take over the Tri-state area, and….

Okay. I think you just have to watch it. Because otherwise I sound like I’m 6. Although I’m okay with that.

Thanks, ED!

Spring into Books Hop

Welcome to the Spring into Books Blog Hop! This blog hop is hosted by and It runs March 20th-31st. Each website on the linky is raffling one or more books.

Since I’m a Young Adult fan, I’m giving away two of my favorite YA books: “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher and “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson.

I’m having Rafflecopter problems! For now, just leave a comment to be entered into the contest. Leave a second comment if you follow me on Twitter or will do it now @lisarosenman – just leave your Twitter handle so I can check. Leave a third comment if you follow my blog or will follow it now! So that’s three chances to win. I’ll pick the winner randomly.

Here are the other blogs participating in the hop:

Showdown: Writing vs. Exercise

It’s fairly well established that I get to take two hours kid-free to write on the weekends (at Starbucks, of course). And I squeeze about an hour or an hour and a half, three out of five school days between work and kids. (The other two days are lessons days for the kids.) Since that’s all I have, I usually am pretty effective and efficient.

But I was thinking, back in the day (pre-2008, when I discovered this writing obsession thing), what did I do with my “me” time? And then it came to me: I exercised.

(very clearly not me)

Anyway. I didn’t exercise every day, I was never hugely devoted to it, but I tried.

So now, if writing is my time to myself, what happened to exercise? It’s gone. Now, I’m not saying that writing took over and now I don’t exercise. Well, I kind of am. It’s just that there’s only a certain amount of time when I’m not at work or with my family, and this is how I choose to spend it.

Maybe I need the mental engagement. I know that exercise can clear your mind. But writing feeds my soul and I’ve come to need it to stay mentally healthy.

I should make time for exercise. I know I should. And I know it’s not one or the other.

So here’s my proposal: writing should burn calories. The more you write, the fitter you are.

Anyone with me here?


When an author @ s me on Twitter…

…I’m like, OH MY GOD!

Now, it’s totally childish of me, right? But when I tweet @ an author and they REPLY, it’s like a crush or a superstar has noticed me!!! Oh my God, it’s Ricky Schroeder all over again! (Yes, now you know how old I am.)

You know, Jodi Picoult complimented my Tinkerbell necklace at a reading once. (I’ve never taken it off… eh, just kidding. Kinda.)

So, Ricky Schroeder = Jodi Picoult?

Okay, so my presence on Twitter is reallllly small…. I only have 75 followers or something. But I throw an @ at some authors sometimes, just ’cause… I want to be them! Wait, I mean, because I like their work!

Check out this massive list of authors who OBVIOUSLY think I’m amazing:

Jay Asher @LisaRosenman Have fun at book club!

Lisa See @LisaRosenman Very cool! Do you know I visit book clubs by Skype and speaker phone? Let me know if you’d like me to join in when you meet.

Jodi Meadows @LisaRosenman Yes! I finished! And now the cookies are GONE. (Which is a tragedy.)

Mignon Fogarty @LisaRosenman Thanks! (I know. It’s *so* close.)

Elana Johnson @LisaRosenman It was awesome! Take them.

Cheryl Rainfield @LisaRosenman Good for you. We need lots of books that talk about painful things, encourage healing, hope.

That’s 6 actual authors that I admire! I have really arrived, yeah?

So… maybe someday someone will be excited that this author they admire (me, of course) will repsond to them on Twitter. It could happen, right?


I never heard of lipograms until I read about them on Scribophile (my online critique group) and from ED Martin, also on Scribophile (check out her blog at

A lipogram is writing that deliberately excludes a letter or letters of the alphabet. An artificial constraint, but a fun one: you never know where your thoughts will go when you’re forced to think a different way. I think writing prompts function that way a lot for me – I tend to come up with something unexpected every time.

So, I’ll try it – will you try it with me?

Let’s say: no e? On any topic? Even a sentence or two?

Ally stands on a plank, balancing as it tips right and back, shifting across its bulk. Ally’s work boot grips it hard…


Two cats sniff at him, figuring his possibility. Food?


Yoga was tough. Warrior One, Warrior Two, Sivansana, Mountain, Downward Dog…. Why yoga? Just for Brody?

Brody wasn’t fascinating, wasn’t intriguing. But Brody was h-o-t hot. So Thursday nights, 7 o’clock, yoga.

His mat was pink, a funny color for a manly man. But pink didn’t diminish his masculinity and, um, body.


NOW YOU DO IT. Pretty please? For me?