When an author @ s me on Twitter…

…I’m like, OH MY GOD!

Now, it’s totally childish of me, right? But when I tweet @ an author and they REPLY, it’s like a crush or a superstar has noticed me!!! Oh my God, it’s Ricky Schroeder all over again! (Yes, now you know how old I am.)

You know, Jodi Picoult complimented my Tinkerbell necklace at a reading once. (I’ve never taken it off… eh, just kidding. Kinda.)

So, Ricky Schroeder = Jodi Picoult?

Okay, so my presence on Twitter is reallllly small…. I only have 75 followers or something. But I throw an @ at some authors sometimes, just ’cause… I want to be them! Wait, I mean, because I like their work!

Check out this massive list of authors who OBVIOUSLY think I’m amazing:

Jay Asher @LisaRosenman Have fun at book club!

Lisa See @LisaRosenman Very cool! Do you know I visit book clubs by Skype and speaker phone? Let me know if you’d like me to join in when you meet.

Jodi Meadows @LisaRosenman Yes! I finished! And now the cookies are GONE. (Which is a tragedy.)

Mignon Fogarty @LisaRosenman Thanks! (I know. It’s *so* close.)

Elana Johnson @LisaRosenman It was awesome! Take them.

Cheryl Rainfield @LisaRosenman Good for you. We need lots of books that talk about painful things, encourage healing, hope.

That’s 6 actual authors that I admire! I have really arrived, yeah?

So… maybe someday someone will be excited that this author they admire (me, of course) will repsond to them on Twitter. It could happen, right?


5 responses to “When an author @ s me on Twitter…

  1. I feel that way, too, Lisa, about authors I admire or look up to, whose work I love. It feels SO good to get a response! And wow–thank you so much for putting me in your list of authors you like who responded to you! (beaming) And yes–of course it can happen! (Being an author that others also look up to.) I often still can’t believe that some people feel that way about me. πŸ™‚

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