Showdown: Writing vs. Exercise

It’s fairly well established that I get to take two hours kid-free to write on the weekends (at Starbucks, of course). And I squeeze about an hour or an hour and a half, three out of five school days between work and kids. (The other two days are lessons days for the kids.) Since that’s all I have, I usually am pretty effective and efficient.

But I was thinking, back in the day (pre-2008, when I discovered this writing obsession thing), what did I do with my “me” time? And then it came to me: I exercised.

(very clearly not me)

Anyway. I didn’t exercise every day, I was never hugely devoted to it, but I tried.

So now, if writing is my time to myself, what happened to exercise? It’s gone. Now, I’m not saying that writing took over and now I don’t exercise. Well, I kind of am. It’s just that there’s only a certain amount of time when I’m not at work or with my family, and this is how I choose to spend it.

Maybe I need the mental engagement. I know that exercise can clear your mind. But writing feeds my soul and I’ve come to need it to stay mentally healthy.

I should make time for exercise. I know I should. And I know it’s not one or the other.

So here’s my proposal: writing should burn calories. The more you write, the fitter you are.

Anyone with me here?



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