Life 1, Writer 0

Over the last two months or so, I’ve been facing difficult *stuff* happening in my personal life.

Lately, I arrive at Starbucks during my protected writing block, only to avoid any serious thinking or creativity. I’ll get my venti iced skinny vanilla latte with three Splendas and sink down into a comfy chair instead of a well-lit table as usual.

And then, I open up my computer and I… can’t face writing. I go onto Twitter on my phone instead. Or Draw Something. Or Words with Friends.

The ironic thing is that if I could write, really immerse myself into my stories, it would probably make things better. What better place to escape?

I know my creativity isn’t gone. It’s there. It’s just that there’s a force separating me from it, like until things are easier in my life, it has to be barred off. I’m not sure how to break the wall down unless I just keep tapping at it when I can.

I guess in the meanwhile I’ll keep reading and at some point I’ll be magnetically drawn back into the world of my stories.

What do you do when it’s Life 1, Writer 0?


4 responses to “Life 1, Writer 0

  1. Feed the Beast when you can. Life has a way of overriding other priorities, and from what you told me last month, it sounds like you have more than your share on your plate now. (If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t tended to MY quilt since completing the top last November.)

  2. Hey Lisa, this winter I was experiencing some serious block, and I went to this cool “yoga and creativity” workshop. I said something about how I was stuck, and the teacher said, “in my experience, being stuck means you’re hammering away at something from the same angle over and over again. Try something new.” I think not writing might be just the thing. Go for a walk with that latte and see what comes up; think around your book and see if something else occurs to you. Maybe you need a break. Personal stuff has its way of wrecking all else, and I guess on some level you just have to let it. Hang in there!

  3. If I don’t feel like writing, I don’t. Simple as that.

    But if you feel you MUST write something, try Just write, whatever comes to mind. Use it as a journal and rant about life. Write a character sketch. Write a flash piece killing the people who are bugging you. Write a short scene or bit of dialogue for your novel (and it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything you’ll end up using).

    If you write every day for a certain number of days, you get a shiny electronic badge. I’m not sure why, but I happen to be (moderately) highly motivated by meaningless internet badges. Maybe it’ll work for you?

  4. maybe look at why you’re stuck – what’s really going on. sometimes when i’m stuck like that, it’s because i’m afraid; i’m afraid of success. i may be making a ton of progress, getting great critiques, or just getting one step closer to being a published writer when i freeze up for a bit. i had to really look at this recently and i when i did, i realized that i was sabotaging myself because i was scared of what came next and how things would change. once i recognized it, i think it was kind of freeing. i faced my fears about moving to the next step and i was able to progress again – in a big way. just a thought. i know many other writers who have gone through this and felt the same way at one point.

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