Tag! I’m It.

I had a writing post in mind, about how images and photos have been helping me write lately, but then I got tagged.

So, thanks to Valerie Lawson at valerielawson.wordpress.com, you are deprived of my writerly musings for today. Don’t cry. It will all be okay.

Here’s what she’s making me do. I have to answer 11 questions, 10 of which are completely impossible for me because I’m the most indecisive person on the planet.

1. What are your 5 favorite movies?

Agh. I don’t do well with favorites. So here are 5 movies that I have liked: Shakespeare in Love; Anchorman; The 40-Year-Old Virgin; Bridesmaids; and Love Actually.

2.Would you rather go without makeup for a year, or without shaving your legs for a year?

No makeup! That’s the easy one.

3. What book have you read recently that you really love?

Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha van Leer. Although I can’t stop thinking it’s “Between the Lions” like the kids show on PBS.

4. What book have you read recently that you really hated?

Hate is a strong word… Right now I’m listening to The Peculiar Sadness of Lemon Cake in the car. Slowwwwwly because I always have the kids with me and we must listen to loud pop music. Anyway – I love the premise, but I feel like the book is all over the place. I don’t feel any sense of structure (and believe me, I never think about structure in my own writing. Like, wait, should I have had a climax to the story? Oops!). I don’t feel compelled to keep listening – not enough is driving the story. However, I will finish it because I’m stubborn that way.

5. If you had to eat one food for one meal every day for a year, which would you choose?

Chocolate. Clearly.

6. What was the best part of your senior year of high school?

The school play that year was Grease, and I still know every hand motion. Sadly.

7. What piece of electronic equipment do you think you could easily live without?


8. Do you prefer your beverages through a straw, from a bottle or from another container?

Depends. Can I say that?

9. Would you rather have glow in the dark skin or squishy teeth?

Who came up with these questions? Glow in the dark skin, I guess. But I’d have to hide after sunset. Just call me Edward Cullen.

10. Who would win in a fight between Gandalf and Dumbledore?

I’m going with Dumbledore since I don’t really like (Sorry! Sorry! Don’t hate me!) the Lord of the Rings.

11. Do you consider pushup bras to be a form of dishonesty?

Clever dishonesty.

Yikes. Now I have to tag people to force them into this torture. Have fun-

My apologies in advance!


Six Sentence Sunday 7/8/12

Some poetry, this time- NIGHT TIME

Night time

At my in-laws’ window.

Gone downstairs

Away from everything

To hide and think

And maybe cry.

No lights

So no one would know

I was even there.

Without lights

Everything’s in shadow

And cast into eerie molds

With ghostly pieces.

I find the loveseat

And sink in

Although it’s for show

And uncomfortable.

Head in my hands

Looking at the trickling snow

Thinking, thinking,

Watching the shadows

Gain substance

As my eyes attune themselves

As my thoughts

Become concrete

And I can

Return to bed

More substantial than before.

What I’m Reading


Just oh.

I’m (finally! What’s wrong with me?) reading my first John Green YA. I was staring at his books at Barnes and Noble yesterday, and knew that I needed to buy one. I can never find any of his books at the library (probably because they’re always checked out).

I knew The Fault in Our Stars is the book everyone’s talking about. But as I scanned, I kept coming back to An Abundance of Katherines.

First of all, how can you beat the title? Talk about original–you won’t see that title anywhere else. And so lyrical…. An Abundance of Katherines. An Abundance of Katherines. First, the word abundance–so much better than “a lot of” or anything like that. More specific, more elegant. And the Katherines. Immediately poses the question: why Katherines, plural?

So I’m about halfway through (started it last night). The first thing I love (other than the title) is how specific–careful?–John Green’s language is. For example, about Colin, the main character: “‘I want to have a Eureka moment,'” he said, the way another kid might have expressed longing for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.” There, in that once sentence, is Colin’s character.

Then there’s the footnotes, semi-scholarly, just the right tone for “child prodigy” Colin. And not only is it interesting that Colin creates diagrams and theorems to try to explain how relationships work and end, but we get to see them, illustrated there in the footnotes. There’s even a footnote on the cover.

And finally, there are the Katherines. I haven’t gotten too much information about them except for Katherine I and Katherine XIX (who most recently broke his heart). But what a hook! You have to keep reading. Why were there 19 Katherines??

Enough gushing.

If you’ve read John Green, which one is your favorite? Which one should I read next?