Twenty very specific things I’m thankful for:

1. Both kids will still curl up with me on the sofa, which we call “shnuggling.”

2. My cat has not peed on my spot on the couch for about a month.

3. The seat at Starbucks with the comfy back, table, and perfect lighting

4. The comments my first graders make from time to time that crack me up. [Me (to student in an Ariel costume): Aren’t you cold? Student: Yeah. I don’t know how the real Ariel does it.]

5. The teachers that challenge both my children at school

6. Finally having someone to sit with at church now that my parents have moved near us

7. The rush that runs through me when I’ve thought of a juicy plot point in my story

8. That the library will just hand books over to you when you give them a shiny card

9. My husband will tell me the truth if I ask him if something looks bad. (And I don’t ask unless I want the truth.)

10. Bakers Semi-Sweet chocolate

11. That my girls and I like the same music, so we can sing in the car together

12. Writing blogs that give advice on craft and getting published

13. When I’m discouraged with lack of progress on writing, I have friends that will give me a pep talk.

14. I have a husband who will force me to get out of bed and go to Dunkin’ Donuts on Saturday mornings if I’m feeling low.

15. Law and Order SVU and a warm blanket

16. A thoughtful team of colleagues who have been nothing but welcoming

17. After 3 years in our new home, I have friends I can call on to go out for lunch or coffee.

18. The time I had with my father-in-law

19. My parents’ help with childcare, which lets my girls pursue their after school activities

20. My husband, who sees everything, but takes me as I am anyway