An Ode to Audiobooks

This is me on my 40-minute commute.

bored driver

(Because, you know, I would NEVER be doing this:

busy driver

That would be wrong. And probably illegal.)

This is me on audiobooks:

happy driver

Ah, audiobooks. On my commutes (=no kids with me), I get bored with the radio, especially in the mornings when they jabber on and on about stupid stuff. And because apparently I’m NOT supposed to text on my phone while I drive, I’ve turned to audiobooks to make the driving more entertaining. And now I’m in love.

The advantages of audiobooks in the car:

-I can read/listen to more and more and more books! And of course my TBR pile is to the moon and back.

-I get drawn into the world of the story and forget that I’m on my way to work or kids. I’m surprised when I get there – it went by so fast! And I don’t want to turn it off.

-I stay awake.

-Someone reads to me. Ah, childhood all over again. Pass the juice and the blankie.

The disadvantages:

-The selection: I’m stuck with whatever the library has. But I’ve been re-reading/ re-listening to old favorites, everything from old Jodi Picoults to Jane Austen.

-The fines: I can never get through the CDs in 2 weeks, and I never remember to renew anything. But my theory is that I’m making frequent donations to the library.

-The narrators: So inconsistent. They can be so amazing (Jay Asher’s 13 Reasons Why) or so off-putting (Jodi Picoult’s Picture Perfect). I’m listening to Picture Perfect right now, and the narrator’s doing absolutely nothing for me.  But since I like the story, I’m sticking with it.

SO: What do you think? Do you listen to audiobooks, or do you just stare into space when you drive? Do you have favorites?