New England SCBWI Conference 2013, Part One


Yesterday was the last day of the NESCBWI conference. It was a great weekend as always. This was my third time going, and each year my knowledge and connection to other writers has deepened.

Here were some of the highlights for me:

-A panel on Edgy YA: Right up my alley. The panelists focused on questions like what is Edgy YA, the importance of voice, and if kids should be able to self-curate their books their own reading. The panelists were Scott Blagden, Adah Nuchi, Carter Hasegawa, and Rubin Pfeffer.

-A meditation/writing workshop, run by Laurie Calkhoven. We meditated for five minutes, visualized an aspect of our story, and then wrote for five minutes, pen moving across paper the whole time. I discovered a quick back story scene I hadn’t thought of before. At another point, one woman in the audience discovered that her main character had a twin! Unfortunately, some people (including me) had to leave for their agent critiques, which kinda interrupted the flow of the meditation…

-A Save the Cat! workshop, with Dawn Metcalf, based on the book by Blake Snyder. I’m a total pantser and I end up outlining after the fact, if at all, and then only if something isn’t working.  But it was helpful to see how very structured screenwriting is, and to see how that structure can apply to novel writing. I may not be a convert to this system, but it’s good to know about at least!

-Grace Lin. ‘Nuff said.

Grace Lin

photo by Alexandre Ferron

Oh, and so much more…

I just edited my title to say Part One. More later!


2 responses to “New England SCBWI Conference 2013, Part One

  1. Sounds useful! I would love to make it to a writers’ conference some day, but there’s never anything nearby. 😦

    I can’t wait to hear how your agent crit went!

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