What’s Up Wednesday

What's up Wednesday

Lately, I’ve been at a loss for what to blog about. I have the time – school’s out – but not the inspiration. So I noticed this meme on another writer’s blog – Katy Upperman’s – and I thought this would be the perfect way to move gently back to blogging. Here’s the structure:

What I’m Reading: I’m reading “The Engagements” by J. Courtney Sullivan. She wrote “Maine” and “Commencement,” both of which I read. The title sounds fluffy, but it’s not, it’s solid contemporary fiction. Not YA for once! It’s the story of Evelyn, Kate, Delphine, James, and Frances, and their engagements (obviously), marriages, and partnerships. I like it so far, and I’d better – it’s on a 7 day loan from the library!

The Engagements

What I’m Writing: Sadly, not all that much. I’m working on “Marianna,” which is a really bad title, and will absolutely be changed. I was kind of stuck in revision-land, half-heartedly going through my second draft, trying to figure out the middle of the story and what I wanted to change. Then I had a brainstorm on Friday – a way to up the stakes. Now I feel more interested. Plus, my writing group meets tomorrow, so that’s helpful accountability.

What Else I’ve Been Up To: I’ve been toying with a career switch to become a Library Media Specialist, and I enrolled in a summer class called “Reference and Resource Materials.” I’m learning so much – it’s been so long since I’ve taken a class. The only bad thing is that my perfectionist tendencies are popping up. I’m worried about the first time points will get taken off, and I’m sure they will. It’s an online class, and I love the structure. There’s so much more discussion than there would be in person, believe it or not. Is it weird to say that I love my professor’s voice? I have no idea what she looks like, but she narrated a Powerpoint that I looked at last week, and I think  have a girl-crush on her voice.

What’s Inspiring Me Now: Honestly, not much of anything. I’ve been in a major funk for a while now. I’m hoping that by the next time I do a “What’s Up Wednesday,” I have an answer! Inspire me in the comments, please.

I have no idea how to show the other links of blogs doing this meme. So for now, I’m going to leave the link to a blog with the links, if that makes sense. This is Jaime Morrow’s blog URL:  http://www.jaime-morrow.com/. I’m going to figure this out!


8 responses to “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. That was the perfect way to link to Jaime! And so glad to see you on What’s Up Wednesday! Funny – my husband suggested I switch to pursuing a career as a media specialist (I was a math teacher) a few years back because I love books so much. If I stuck around in education, I would’ve definitely taken classes. Have fun!

  2. Good luck with your potential career change. I hope it’s an extremely rewarding experience for you.

    Brainstorming can be such a great tool. Have fun with your writing group too!

  3. I’ve always thought it would be fun to be a media specialist, but the kids I love the most tend to be the ones who hate books and libraries.

    As for inspiration, road trips really help me. Or maybe, to get back in the writing groove, pick a singer/band and write stories based on their songs? It’s good practice, even if nothing comes of them. And maybe something you hear will inspire you in other areas.

  4. So glad you decided to join us for What’s Up Wednesday! Don’t worry about showing links to the other blogs. The only thing you need to do is leave your link on Jaime’s site. Best of luck making a decision on a career change and I hope this awesome brainstorm you had leads to lots of great writing! 🙂

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