I Wonder as I Wander


Time to start Teachers Write again! If you don’t know what it is, check out the link above. It’s a virtual summer writing camp, run by a few picture book/ middle grade/ young adult authors. Today’s the first day. I always start off Teachers Write with such enthusiasm (see last year, around the same date…), but then it fades as life takes over. But now that I actually finished my library degree (!) and the school year is over, I have some extra time.

Kate Messner’s first assignment was to write a list of things that make you wonder. A lot of the commentators wondered about historical events, scientific phenomena, etc. Mine are a mix of psychological and personal. Here’s my list, in the random order it came through stream of consciousness:

I wonder:

  • What it’s like to be a twin
  • What it’s like to have selective mutism/ why it happens/ how much (or all) is psychological? How do people come out of it or do they?
  • What it’s like to be a therapist; what it would be like if a character stalked their therapist, from both perspectives?
  • How EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) can completely relieve symptoms of trauma… if it that’s true, why doesn’t everyone do it?
  • What would it be like to honestly have a yoga “practice”
  • How a teacher can truly create & use problem-based learning
  • What would happen if I took adult ballet
  • Why I start all my writing in 3rd person and it ends up in 1st
  • Why I’m so drawn to writing and reading intense psychological stories
  • Why I don’t like fantasy very much & why I get angry if a book doesn’t seem like it will be fantasy and then it is
  • Why I like to share my writing so much
  • What my children will be like as adults
  • What it would be like to be a librarian in an actual library
  • If I’m meant to be with inner city kids (like a calling) or with suburban kids (better for my mental health)
  • Why my writing group disintegrated, without any discussion
  • How to explain my decision to be a librarian to others
  • What people think when they hear you’re a school librarian, and how that compares to the perception of an elementary school teacher
  • Why district administrators don’t see the value in librarians, even though the research is clear
  • How Greece can solve its financial problems
  • What it would be like to go to a mission trip to a poor country, and how it would affect my life
  • What it would be like to hold a copy of my published book
  • What it would be like if I just ran away for a while

What do you wonder about?


One response to “I Wonder as I Wander

  1. I wonder:

    Whether there could be selkies in Hudson Bay
    Why so few people know what selkies are
    Why my spellcheck doesn’t recognize selkies as a real word
    If there are selkies in Hudson Bay, whether there could be Vikings in Montana
    Why most people don’t travel more – like go on roadtrips to Hudson Bay or Montana or Saginaw, Michigan
    Why people think I’m odd for going on a roadtrip to Saginaw, Michigan, last weekend

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